Common technical terms and definitions about the information technology (I.T) industry. Virus A piece of code or program which can copy itself to another computer or device to interfere with a device’s operation. Antivirus Software which attempts to stop viruses from entering a computer’s operating system or programming Malware An the abbreviation of the word malicious software. Malware is used to gain entry into a computer or device to gather information, gain  access, steal money. Spyware Spyware is a program or code which can steal sensitive information from a computer or device, this might include passwords, documents, data and more. Trojan Horse Is any malicious program which is false or misleading in its use, after installation the program will execute its primary objective, this could be stealing of data. Worm A computer worm is a computer program that replicates itself and spreads across networks; it does not need to attach itself to an existing program. Adware Adware is generally attached to other legitimate programs with the sole purpose to display ads. Grayware Is a broad term which can encompass spyware, adware, joke programs and other unwanted attacks. Spam Spam is unwanted junk mail similar to real junk mail Advanced persistent threats (APT) Is a group of hackers working together using multiple attacks on a business or organization to gain entry and steal data. This kind of attach is used in corporate espionage  and government espionage . Backdoor A backdoor is an entry point in a program allowing anything with access to it to access into a user’s computer or device and read or steal data. Backup Backup is a way of storing copied data away from its main area for protection. Blacklist Blacklist is a list of bad emails or websites or anything malicious. Bluetooth Bluetooth is a connection type, phone and laptops will have Bluetooth to send and receive data wireless in close proximity Device A device can be a computer, Laptop, Phone, Table or anything with an operating system. Computer A computer Brute-Force Attack Is a type of attack where a computer program will use dictionary terms to try break into a secure area. DDoS Distributed Denial of Service is where multiple compromised systems called Botnets send information at the same time to one source in an attempt to bring down a service due to high traffic. Firewall Firewall is a software or hardware tool which stops malicious software gaining access to networks or computers or devices. UTM Unified threat management is a software or hardware appliance which has a number of features to stop malicious programs entering a network. VPN Virtual Private Network is a technology which lets a computer using a public internet connection connect to a private network by a secure tunnel.